Steambunny Alphabeticon

Steambunny Alphabeticon

I have officially published my first book, complete with ISBN and everything!

“Steambunny Alphabeticon” is an illustrated alphabet book describing the story of a Bunny heroine escaping from a world that doesn’t understand her.

For myself, it has some meaning, as it was the story I made up and illustrated to show on the LostCarcosa webcomic site, during my year long deployment in Iraq. ¬†I’m happy to say, I am back, safe and sound, and able to bring it to you in book format. ūüôā


You can find the book on the Blurb Store here:


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Happy Birthday, Mr. Lovecraft

Happy Birthday, good sir.

The stars, or planets, or something eldritch and abominable, were aligned on this day, 20 August, 1890.

Wiki: Lovecraft


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Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

Ray Bradbury, Author Extraordinaire, has died on June 5, 2012, at the young age of 91. ¬†I remember spending much time as a kid reading stories from Mr. Bradbury, Asimov, and others of his time. ¬†I’m not sure I’ve since found an author that has quite captured Science Fiction quite like he did. ¬†Not that he considered himself a Science Fiction author.

“I’m not a science fiction writer,” he was frequently quoted as saying. “I’ve written only one book of science fiction [“Fahrenheit 451”]. All the others are fantasy. Fantasies are things that can’t happen, and science fiction is about things that¬†can¬†happen.”

Read a bit more at the L.A. Times

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D-Day – 68 Years

On this day, 68 years ago, Allied troops landed on occupied France in the massive D-Day operation.

Read more, and see videos at

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The Avengers!

Last night, I went to see the movie “The Avengers”. ¬†Wow!

I may be slightly biased, as I was a fan of certain comic book series in the 80’s, among them being the “X-Men”, “New Mutants”, “Bat Man”, TMNT, “West Coast Avengers”, and yes, “The Avengers”. ¬†Captain America was always a favorite. ¬†So was Hawkeye. ¬† Actually, I had a lot of favorite characters. ¬†Moonknight and Ironman were pretty high up there. ¬†When it came to West Coast Avengers, it was definitely Hawkeye.

I also much admired such characters as Robinhood, Errol Flynn, and the Rocketeer, so that may explain my penchant for “classic” (and not all together super powerful or supernatural) heroes like Green Arrow, Hawkeye, and Capt America. ¬†OK, Thor was also a big time favorite, but again, this goes to the classics. ¬†Not so much with being a good upstanding normal guy, but with the other kind of classics. ¬†I do love me some Norse, Greek, Roman, an other ancient mythologies.

My thoughts on the movie? ¬†I loved it. ¬†Sure, it was a bit predictable at times, and occasionally, things felt a tiny bit scripted to get them all together, but the individual characters are awesome, and together they worked out very well. ¬†I think it was mostly Samuel L. M.F’ing Jackson’s script that made it feel a little patchwork glued together at times, but everyone else pulled it off. ¬†Not that Nick Fury’s part was bad, mind you. ¬†He’s a decent character and a great actor as well. ¬†But I could just feel it there.

And talk about beautiful digital work in the movie! ¬†No obvious animations, or CGI. ¬†Everything was smooth and flowy. ¬†It’s explained by the large number of digital companies used, and the vast quantity of the people from said companies, employed in the making of this film.

Overall, I highly recommend this most entertaining movie to any comic book, action film, or entertainment fan.  Do you like fun?  Watch this movie.

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New Site! New Server!

Well, it looks like the old server got hacked into, requiring a complete restart of pretty much everything. ¬†It was about time to upgrade, anyway, but it’s always a painful project.

You can find much of the old site at the Archive.

And the Comics can still be found, but at a new address.

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